All of our studies has numerous limits that have to be taken into account

This new proportion of pregnancies that have been confronted by DMTs therefore the consequence of volunteer maternity cancellation for most those individuals opened in order to providers contraindicated during pregnancy try disturbing and may also feel an excellent reflection of your own full high-frequency (52%) from unplanned pregnancies regarding Colombian people (38). This has been connected to the decreased use of birth-control actions, which can exist because of ill-effects, highest costs, occasional sexual intercourse, lack of accessibility, and you may disapproval by the partner, ergo resulting in their discontinuation, inconsistent or completely wrong use, and you can inability (39).

Quite the opposite, this has been reported that women who gotten guidance ahead of to be expecting had less frequency away from unexpected pregnancies (40). This guidance will be begin by the newest neurology consultation, since neurologists is recognized by MS people because the main provider of information having pregnancy believed (41).

Therefore, we believe this option of the reasons that will determine coverage so you’re able to DMTs in pregnancy is the barriers to gain access to specialized neurologic proper care and, using this, inconsistent go after-upwards. Instance traps might result because of some top features of brand new Colombian health care program, leading to fragmented care and attention which is linked to the continuity of contracts ranging from insurers and you will healthcare team (42).

Although not, it’s possible that pregnancies stated took place at a time when the means to access birth control steps and you will details about maternity into the MS people and you may DMTs visibility is actually restricted, which, the habit during the time cannot be evaluated from the latest requirements.

Study limits

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, research collection needed to be changed off personally to telephone surveys, hence produces a development prejudice. not, the fresh new studies had been held from the a professional which have which the players had already interacted, it is therefore likely that which welcome respondents to talk about such sensitive items far more freely, which means that reduced the potential for worry bias.

Some other limit ‘s the selection prejudice, because all of our authoritative cardiovascular system draws people that have probably more severe sickness. That is evidenced to your sociodemographic aspects of the brand new interviewed people: % had high levels of degree and simply fifteen.6% had a decreased socioeconomic standing. So it differs from the populace surveyed across the nation in 2015, where 33.5% of females had high amounts of knowledge and you can twenty-two.6% had a minimal socioeconomic standing (18). Even with our very own try being generated at random, may possibly not feel user of one’s MS inhabitants within urban area. Also, our very own data may not have was able to find the end result of a few of variables into virility tastes, such as a history of impulsive otherwise created abortions and the usage of fertility services. Talking about variables which can influence the number of people of the ladies surveyed and weren’t taken into account for the fertility preference studies. However, it needs to be remembered one Colombia represents to help you have the lowest prevalence away from MS (43, 44) which this study tried to help you calculate the brand new reproductive aspects of MS customers for the Bogota.


Virility preferences are not significantly regarding the medical parameters, however with the fresh new known group issues for women in the general people. Nearly all women which have MS prefer to not have students, and you can a large proportion of those opt for birth prevention in order to limit pregnancies. The newest UNFP in females with MS doesn’t change from you to definitely found in the standard society, and there is a top regularity of experience of DMTs during pregnancy. Then research is had a need to target the newest attitudes of females which have MS into reproductive situations.

Investigation accessibility declaration

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